Arturas Ziemys, Ph.D.

Dr. Ziemys is Assistant Faculty Member in the Department of Nanomedicine at Houston Methodist Research Institute. He is the recipient of research awards from Lithuanian Academy of Sciences and fellowships from Texas Medical Center. Dr. Ziemys received training from the Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania, and he is an experimentalist and computational modeling researcher in biochemistry, molecular biophysics, and physical-chemistry. His expertise and focus areas include molecular biophysics, transport, hierarchical modeling of diffusion, phase interface, and physical-chemistry, pharmacokinetics in tumor microenvironment, and drug transport. In particular, Dr. Ziemys’ research focuses on prediction of drug release kinetics from drug vectors, drug distribution in bio-environment, and understanding how drug penetration depends on transport properties of tissues and therapeutic agents itself. Dr. Ziemys analyzes the tumor microenvironment using imaging data, develops spatio-temporal correlations and quantifications based on pathology and intravital microscopy data, determines multiscale transport of therapeutics in biodistribution, validates models, and integrates data.