Jenny Chang, M.D.

Multi-Principal Investigator

Jenny Chang, MDDr. Chang is the Emily Herrmann Chair in Cancer Research and Director of Houston Methodist Cancer Center (HMCC). Dr. Chang is a clinician scientist at Houston Methodist who specializes in breast cancer, particularly triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC). Her research interests are focused on biopsy-based trials and correlative studies, and tumor-initiating cells in preclinical models of cancer. She served as Project PI of a SPORE randomized trial at Baylor College of Medicine that focused on identification of unique genetic signatures of responsiveness to common cancer drugs such as docetaxel. She also serves as the partnering clinical PI on two Houston Methodist-based DoD-funded awards for product development and clinical trials for a novel vaccine (Breast Cancer Research Program Breakthrough Level 3) and drug (Breast Cancer Research Program Breakthrough Level 4) for TNBC. Dr. Chang oversees the clinical trials and other clinical programs. The HMCC is one of Houston Methodist’s six centers of excellence where clinicians and scientists prioritize the delivery of outstanding patient care and academic medicine, with three major objectives including to reduce cancer development, to foster the discovery of new treatments for highly resistant cancers, and to provide personalized and compassionate care for all patients.

In the role of multi-PI, Dr. Chang will provide clinical expertise and mentorship to the Projects and Core with Dr. Haifa Shen, particularly in the area of breast cancer. In collaboration with CITO senior physician-scientists Dr. Elizabeth Mittendorf (CITO senior cancer clinical translation investigator, Project 1 Co-Leader, Dana-Farber) and Dr. Jason Fleming (Project 2 Co-Leader, Moffitt), Dr. Chang would lend her vast clinical experiences to help guide the projects toward future clinical applications, by connecting feasibility, patient perspectives, and potential clinical hurdles to the scientific design and interpretations of results stemming from the CITO projects.