Rongfu Wang, Ph.D.

Dr. Wang is a Senior Member at Houston Methodist Research Institute and Director of the Center for Inflammation and Epigenetics. His research interest and expertise are focused in the areas of cancer antigen discovery, cancer immunology, and immunotherapy, innate immune signaling and regulation, and epigenetic regulation of stem cells and cancer. He began work toward understanding the role of the immune system in cancer over 20 years ago. Throughout his career, Dr. Wang has discovered numerous cancer antigens, and his team has identified critical epigenetic regulators in T-cell differentiation and in induced pluripotent stem cell reprogramming. Dr. Wang and colleagues were also the first to demonstrate the presence of antigen-specific regulatory T cells and their specific tumor antigens in human cancer, capable of inducing local immune tolerance at tumor sites. He strongly believes that further understanding of the mechanisms of cellular reprogramming will lead to the development of novel cancer therapeutics. Dr. Wang has recently been funded to investigate the use of adoptive T cell therapy for breast cancer patients in a Phase I clinical trial.

For the CITO, Dr. Wang serves as Senior Cancer Immunology Investigator, an Administrative Core Co-Leader, and Co-Leader of Project 1 with Dr. Elizabeth Mittendorf and Dr. Haifa Shen.