Transport Oncophysics Core

Co-Leader: Haifa Shen, MD
Co-Leader: Jenny Chang, MD

In the Transport Oncophysics Core (TOC), our computational and modeling approach takes into consideration the biophysical properties of tissues, cells, and molecules that control the efficiency of transport processes. The transport process of immune cells, biomolecules, and other drugs involves many barriers, including systemic and within the tumor microenvironment. We believe opportunities exist to improve the delivery and efficacy of immunotherapeutics, by optimizing the transport and penetration of drugs and immune cells, to improve the immune response against breast and pancreatic cancers.

The TOC supports both research projects of the CITO by providing imaging, data analysis, quantification, and unique oncophysical computational tools to rationalize the delivery and transport of immunotherapies, based on the oncophysical modeling framework and Transport and Biodistribution Theory (TBT). The TBT moves boundaries from classical tools used to study pharmacokinetic and efficacy relations, to the creation of novel precision immunotherapeutic tools used to rationally tailor individual treatments to patients.

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